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1 comment for “Open Mic

  1. Mieke Brown
    May 22, 2020 at 3:29 am

    For some people that are going through a very difficult situation it’s hard to look up because you’re so angry you need help doors closed no one’s coming you’re desperate and you feel so alone so you’re standing here wondering how am I going to fix this, how am I going to make this happen, I need help now. So my mom says baby look up I’m trying to figure out why is she telling me to look up when my burdens are so heavy I can’t even lift my head and again she says look up so out of sarcasm I looked up and I’m wondering what are you wanting me to see, all I see is sky and clouds
    She says now tell God what your problem is tell him how you feel tell him how heavy it is on you tell him how alonne you feel and tell him you need help I was so angry because of how I felt I didn’t want to talk to him , but I did I told him how angry I felt how alone I am how I was falsely accused trying to help somebody. After I spilt my heart out and did exactly what she told me to do I was crying but after that felt light as a feather I can also tell you he came through all charges dropped I don’t know how but I just know that God did it there was no other answer, so with all that being said I learned a valuable lesson to look up

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