Carl Carey

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As we walk through our lives, there are times when we need to see the presence of God.  When we are in pain, conflicted, challenged, distressed, or overwhelmed, we need to know that our Friend is standing with us.  I have found that I feel most connected with God when I am doing His will and taking time out just to be alone in silence with Him.  Our days are so busy and our lives are so hectic that it becomes difficult to “hear Him”.  Take the time to appreciate His creation:  the sun, the moon, the stars, the seas, the sky, the trees, the air.  He created them all.  He created man and woman.  You see God in action when you see yourself.  He is there, but we must take the time to appreciate Him and the time to have meaningful communication with Him.  Sit in silence.  Enjoy His creation.  Talk with Him as you would talk with a confidante or best friend.  If you take the time to connect with God, you will, in effect, be nourishing your soul and I just know that you will feel empowered knowing that you have come in contact with the ruler of the universe.  With Him on your side, there will be nothing impossible for you…


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