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In our society today, most of us have enough issues and problems of our own to deal with.  Sometimes, because we are so consumed with our own situations, we forget to attend to others who are in need.  Our lesson for the week, The parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, reminds us that one of the most significant criteria upon which we are judged by God is how we respond to those in need.  The rich man saw Lazarus suffer daily and yet he did nothing to help him.  Later in the story, the rich man ends up in torment in hell, while Lazarus is in heaven.  All that the rich man had attained on Earth means nothing now.  Because he didn’t do what was right by Lazarus, he finds himself suffering eternally.  When we see those who are in need, let us give them our attention.  An encouraging word, listening to them, offering assistance of some kind are things that we can do to help others.  God is pleased when we take the time to assist others.  He is not pleased when we ignore them.  The Bible tells us that when we see someone in need, it’s like seeing Jesus in need.  What would you do if you saw our Lord in a situation in which He needed help?  Surely, you would be there for him.  Likewise, He asks that we be there for each other…


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