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The other day, I was watching my daughters, ages 2 and 4, play together.  As usual, they both wanted the same toy and a kids kind of argument started.  While this happens at least weekly in our household, I watched them this time and made note of how after 5 minutes of being annoyed with each other they went back to playing, hugging and telling each other, “I love you.”  Oh…if we as adults could be so forgiving…what a wonderful world this would be.  What my daughters taught me was that conflict can be easily erased if both parties are willing to forgive and forget.  Yes, some of the things that we are in conflict with another person about are of a serious nature…but then there are those conflicts that are of a “silly-nature” and we should do our best to quickly forgive and continue our relationship with the person who has offended us in some way…particularly, if the relationship is important to you.  It amazes me how some strong friendships end over the most minor of disagreements.  I thank my 2-year old and 4-year old for reminding me that silly conflicts should be resolved quickly.  May all of us be reminded to do better in not letting the small stuff ruin our relationships with each other.


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