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Welcome Back to our new series of lessons called Bible Questions? Bible Answers…  We hope that we can answer some of the questions that you and others have about God, religion, suffering, sin, salvation and other topics.  Now is the perfect time to send an email to a friend and invite them to our bible study.  Simply go to the Get Connected link on our home page and input your friend’s email address and we’ll send them an invitation.

Thank you to all who have written an inquired about when we were getting started with our bible lessons again.  Your emails tell me that you are keeping up with our studies and that’s great!  After each series of lessons, I take a 4 to 5 week break to regroup, rest and select the next series of lessons to put on the site.  Again, thank you for your mail and your encouragement.  I hope you enjoy this new series as we delve into some of the Bible questions you have and seek the answers the Bible gives us.  Invite someone to study with us today…  God Bless.


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