Bible Questions? Bible Answers… Starts May 24th.

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Our new bible series, Bible Questions? Bible Answers… starts on May 24th.  During this series, I will be focusing on some of the questions that people have asked and some of the questions I’ve had myself about God, the Bible, and the World we live in.  My hope is to find scriptures and passages in the Bible that will help to give us answers to some of life’s most difficult things to understand. 

For some time now, I must admit that one of the greatest questions that I’ve had has been regarding injustice in this World.  You look around you and there are good people who suffer and it seems unfair and there are ungodly people who seem to get ahead and live prosperous, carefree lives.  We are all sinners…but the Word of God does differentiate between those who live for God and those who do not.  It is difficult to see those who try to be faithful to the Lord go through so much pain.  I’ve wondered and pondered why this happens.  The Word tells us about suffering and injustice…and you can see through its instructions and advice that the Lord knew it would be this way and perhaps, it is part of His perfect plan.  This is just one example of the types of questions we’ll be dealing with in this series of lessons.  I hope you join us.

I need your help.  Do you have a question that you’re looking for an answer to?  If so, simply reply with your Bible Question and I’ll try to address it during our series of lessons.  Thanks for studying with us.


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