Searching for the Perfect Life?

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This morning, a powerful thought hit me.  I have been talking to a number of people who are searching for something “more” in their lives.  I read the prayer requests on this site and my heart goes out to those who are hurting.  Today, I realized that whenever you fill one void or solve one problem that it may actually create something else for you to deal with…  Here are a few examples:

Are you lonely because you are single and praying that God will send you a spouse?  Realize that there are married people who are in turmoil and hurting in their relationship with their husband or wife.

Are you unemployed and searching for a job?  Realize that we all need money to survive, but you had the opportunity to sleep in late today and you are free of on the job stress.  Many people who are working wish they could have sometime off from work and time away from their co-workers and supervisors!

Do you like the city you live in?  Your blessings, your happiness could actually be awaiting you in another place…but if you go, there will be things you miss about where you live now…

Are you hurting financially?  Do you know that people with money have alot of headaches too?  They are losing money in the stock market and they constantly have people asking them for money or worse…they have people in their lives who are more concerned about their money than them.

Looking for a higher paying job?  Realize that there are people with high paying jobs that have work piled up because more money alot of times means more responsibility.

These are just a few examples.  My point is that we all seem to be searching for something else, for something more, for something different…and we must remember that those things we seek come with baggage too.  Just look at the people who have what you want…they have problems too!  We must learn to be content with where we are…that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to improve our lives (of course, we should)…but never think that your life would be perfect “only if you had…”  Life is just not designed that way.  Change the things you can, but realize that life still will have its challenges.  Ask God to help you find contentment and happiness despite the things that could be better in your life.

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