The Process of Forgiving

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Our Bible lesson this week focuses on forgiveness.  Writing this lesson has been good for me because I have been able to see that while we all know that we must forgive, that for some people forgiveness is a process.  It doesn’t take a long time to do something that causes pain in another person’s life.  An offense can happen in an instant, but it could take years to recover from it.  Being able to forgive, especially when the offense is a major one, usually doesn’t happen overnight.  Rather, it requires much thought, contemplation, prayer, patience and it might require time.  It might be awhile before you reach a point where you can fully release the person who has offended you from the debt they owe you…but you must adhere to the Word of God and do the work that is necessary to reach that place of forgiveness.

The major thing that I gained from this study was that we all need forgiveness.  If you live long enough, there will be a time when you will be hurt and there will be a time when you hurt someone.  When we extend forgiveness to someone who has hurt us, then we can be hopeful that forgiveness will be extended to us when we hurt someone else.  More importantly, when we forgive those who hurt us, God forgives us when we hurt Him.  When we violate His Word, we disappoint Him.  In the Book of Genesis, the Bible says that the Lord was grieved when he saw the sinful state of man.  He was in pain.  He was disappointed then, and I imagine that He is disappointed now when we veer off-course in our lives as it relates to our walk with Him.  We all need grace and mercy.  If you’ve been hurt, realize that sin and a need for self-gratification causes many people to temporarily lose their mind and do things they might not otherwise do.  This is no excuse for bad behavior, but it kind of explains why people make some of the horrendous decisions they do and end up hurting us.  We have to give people room to be human and forgive them when they make mistakes.  Forgiveness is tough.  In many cases, it takes time and effort to fully release feelings of hurt, disappointment and anger.  Decide today to work on forgiving that person who has offended you.  You will feel much better when you let go of the pinned up negative emotions that have prevented you from having peace in your life.


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  1. vernita Says:

    I have to say i totally agree with you. In my marriage me and my husband did somethings we are not proud off. and for a long time i could not forgive him. all it caused me to do was to look at him and dispise him. But three months ago when we both decided to get ourlives in order with god and we truly started trying this time i was able to let the negative feelin i had for him go and vica versa. But first got had to show us we both had to forgive ourselves so he could forgive us and we could forgive each other. Today our marriage is stronger than it was when we got married 4 yrs ago and i thank god that he blessed us with this opportunity to truly love one another. so my advice to anyone out there please forgive so you can have peace in your life

  2. Olechka-persik Says:

    Thanks for post. Nice to see such good ideas.

  3. Barbara Smith Says:

    Forgiveness, there is nothing more freeing than to forgive others. Everytime I try to hold onto unforgiveness I am the one that suffers. My marriage, my relationships with in-laws can only be credited to being able to forgive and not hold onto any bitterness. Releasing it creates so much peace and freedom to serve God in a way that you can not when unforgiveness is a part of your life. Reading your lesson causes me to once again evaluate myself and see if I have unforgiveness in my heart. Thank you for the lesson I just joined and it was great.


    I will forgive, but I may write about the experience for others. One friend callls it dwelling and I disagree

  5. Elizabeth Says:


    This is an old blog posting so you may not see this. I know nothing about blogs, hopefully you will be alerted. First of all I want to start off with I am a New Believer, I asked Jesus into my heart to be my Lord and Savior on 3/23/09. So my walk with the Lord is very new. I have been reading The Word dailey and listening to sermons dailey. I know that the 2 most important teachings of Jesus were to Love the Lord Thy God With Your Heart Soul and Mind and To Love Your Neighbor as You Would Love Yourself. Forgiveness is Something that Jesus taught as well. The thing that I have been struggling with is my relationship with my boss. For 9 years she has treated me with disrespect not love and kindness. I realize The Word says that you should love and forgive them anyway. And that you should turn your other cheek. It seems like she takes great joy at treating me as her “Whipping Boy”. Every time a scab has healed over the wound she does something to rip the scab off. The feelings that I have been having toward her when she treats me this way, especially since I have been saved saddens me greatly. She smothers the inner peace that I have felt since I got up from the alter, something that I have been searching for all my life. When I have feelings of anger, resentment and bitterness I feel that I am disrespecting God. Because as a Christian I know that I should not be having these feelings. I thank the Lord daily for his patience and perserverance for me to invite him into my heart, you see I am 52 years old. I realize there is nothing that I can do to change her accept pray for her which I do daily. The only thing I can do is to change myself, with God’s strength and guidance I hope I can do. For every step forward I take regarding loving my neighbor and forgiveness, she pushes me back 4 steps. My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life. In fact he is my Lord, Svior and King and friend. In fact Jesus is the only true friend that I have, as sad as that may sound. I don’t know how far along you are with your walk with the lord, it may have been so many years ago that you do not recall what it is like to be a new believer.
    Someone that I work with took me to her church, where I was saved. I have spoken with her regarding this, but I just don’t think that she understands because she was saved at 13 years old and she is 50 now. So she hadn’t developed the negative thoughts and actions of someone that was not living their life for Christ. I will get off my soapbox now. I don’t know if you will even see this due to the fact I am resonding in July 09. If you do happen to see this and choose to respond. Feel free to contact me via my email.

    One Of God’s Children

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