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About Us

A Message from the Editor

Carl E. Carey, Jr., Ph.D.

Welcome to Bible Lesson! Our mission is to help our readers build a better life through a stronger relationship with God. A deeper understanding of the Bible can enlighten, empower and encourage us to live the kind of life that the Lord would be proud of!

The contents of this site include bible lessons and articles designed to educate and inspire you. We have also included a message board to give our readers an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics with our online community.

I am a firm believer that we can all learn from each other. Your life experiences and your perspective are important tools in helping other people effectively deal with the multitude of situations and challenges that life brings their way. I hope that not only will you use the site in your development as a Christian and as a person, but I hope that you will contribute to Bible Lesson by submitting an article or posting on our open mic. You, too, have something to offer that could enrich someone else’s life. Let’s make personal progress together!

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