You Are Loved

This month is designated as the month of LOVE. On February 14, 2009 offices around the world will be flooded with flowers, teddy bears and candy from significant others. Typically, people are buzzing in chatter about the packages received by some fortunate co-worker, especially the ones from a secret admirer. If you are a chosen recipient of these tokens, you probably feel loved and cherished for a day. If not, you might feel a little depressed and lonely.

Little girls dream of being loved. It is a woman’s fantasy to find the perfect mate and live happily ever after. There are countless sisters searching for Prince Charming to fill a perceived void in their life. Frustrated by the difficulty of finding Mr. Right, many of our sisters find themselves searching for what seems like a needle in a haystack. Being loved—feeling loved—was never supposed to be this hard.

A few years ago a female co-worker was completely distraught because her boyfriend did not send her flowers on Valentine’s Day. She told me that she did not feel loved, because he did not take the time to make her feel special. For the record, I did not receive anything either, but I did not feel slighted. I didn’t have a love interest at the time and was not expecting anything. While conversing with my co-worker, I told her about the wonderful love of God. Instead of feeling lonely and forgotten because I did not have anyone special in my life, I felt empowered and loved, because I cherish the love of my Heavenly Father. If you do not receive love or appreciation on this special day or any other day, know that God loves you best and you are never alone.

Why are women so caught up in the romance of love, when we have the ultimate love of God? Perhaps we have a fear of being alone and desire to be loved by someone. I know a few women who have settled down with unfaithful and unloving men in an attempt to fill the love void. Instead of feeling special and fulfilled, they are miserable. When it comes to trying to satisfy the need for love, try your best to make good decisions. When we jump ahead of God and leave Him out of the equation, we make bad choices that end up leaving us more confused and upset than if we had stayed by ourselves. We must learn to wait on God and trust that He will bless us with what we need. We are truly never alone. God loves us always.

We were not worthy of His unconditional love, yet He chose to sacrifice His Son on our behalf. The most forgiving form of love was displayed when Jesus asked the Father to forgive his persecutors as He was dying on the Cross. Can you honestly say that you would give your life to an undeserving person? God’s love is supreme. Nobody can love us more than He does. He is forgiving, patient, generous, and an attentive listener. God is the greatest love of all. He offers us the precious gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus.

As you seek to find love, be loved or maintain a loving relationship, remember to allow God to fill your heart, mind and soul with His wonderful, satisfying, everlasting love.