The Holy Spirit

It amazes me to see God in action! While we don’t see a physical manifestation of our Lord, we witness evidence of His workings all the time. Throughout the Word of God, we see God take mortal men and mold and develop them into powerful servants for Him. These men didn’t just acquire their abilities; God gave them His Holy Spirit which enabled them to accomplish great works.

I will never forget my first time preaching a sermon to God’s people. My minister said that “God had led him” to ask me to preach the following Sunday. Quite honestly, my first reaction was, “No way!” I had six days to prepare and I thought that it would be impossible to get ready to deliver a word from the Lord that fast. I had no preaching experience and I had heard of situations where preachers-in-training had months to prepare for their first sermons. As I prepared to decline the invitation, something miraculous happened. Several incidents happened that day that made it clear to me that God was leading me to the pulpit. As much as I wanted to say no, I just couldn’t say no to God. He had been too good to me throughout my life.

As I began to write the lesson, I was amazed at how quickly things came to me. The connections I was able to make through scripture were certainly above my own ability. It was almost as if the sermon was writing itself! I later realized that the sermon wasn’t writing itself; rather the Lord had given me His Holy Spirit which enabled me to accomplish His Will.

There will be times in your life when you accomplish something that you did not have the ability to do or times when you make a good decision that you would not have otherwise made. Take heed. It is God guiding and directing your path. He gives us His Holy Spirit during the times when we can’t achieve His Will without some help from Him. For example, in I Samuel 16:13, David is anointed as the future King of Israel and the Bible says, “from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came upon David in power.” It is the Spirit that comes upon David that allows him to play the harp to soothe Saul’s distress. It is the Spirit that enables him to defeat Goliath with ease. It is the Spirit that gives him the insight and elusiveness to avoid Saul’s attempts to kill him. It is the Spirit that allows David to have a string of military victories as he led the Israelites in various wars. It is certain that David could not have accomplished these amazing feats without the Holy Spirit which was given to him by God.

Do you have something going on in your life that seems impossible to achieve? Is it something that you are confident that God wants for your life? If so, pray and ask God for His Holy Spirit to come upon you in power so that you may successfully accomplish His Will.