Real Thankfulness

Recently, I was at bible class and a member of the Church rose to ask for prayer for a young man who had been a victim of a horrible accident involving heavy machinery. His leg had been crushed during the accident and it had to be amputated by doctors some hours later.

Prior to bible class, I had been thinking about what I wanted next for my own life. After I learned about this young man who suddenly and unexpectedly lost his leg, I shifted my focus to how fortunate I am to have my limbs intact. I thought to myself about how trivial some of the things we lament over and complain about really are.

In the midst of worrying about and dealing with our troubles, we miss the things we should be thankful for. Right now, our world faces economic turmoil and uncertainty. People are fearful of what is coming next in their lives. People are being laid off, experiencing foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy. While it may be tough to feel blessed under those types of circumstances, we really all still have something to thank God for. Our situations could always be worse. We could always have less than we do now. Be thankful for the good in your life. The good you are experiencing certainly comes from our Father above.

I hope that you will take the time to close your eyes and meditate on the blessings in your life. One of the most unfortunate things we can do is to receive God’s blessings and not stop long enough to realize and acknowledge how blessed we truly are.

Not long ago, I sat at the bedside of my 3-year old and 18-month old daughters. They were sleeping—such beautiful girls. Beautiful girls that God had given me to love, to raise, to protect, and to guide. I sat there as they slept. I was so impressed by the goodness of God. I felt that He had looked down upon me and specifically blessed me with those two young lives. At that moment, I was so thankful. I had been thankful before, but in the still of the night, I felt the hand of God on my life. Despite my life problems and frustrations, I was able to see how incredibly blessed I am.

Slow down today. Meditate on how good God has been to you. He’s brought you a long way. Realize your blessings and be thankful for what God has given you. When you truly see your blessings, it puts the problems of your life in their proper perspective.