Prisoners of Hope

During church services a woman testified that The Lord fought her battle against the powerful IRS. Through out her struggle to obtain victory, she was patient and at ease because she KNEW our mighty God could make a way out of no way and be the judge in any situation. In Zechariah 9:12 God makes a promise, He says “Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.” Believe It!!! The woman who testified about her experience is a prayer partner of mine and we prayed for God to remove her debt with the IRS and save her home from foreclosure. In life, we will all have to deal with injustice and keep the faith. I am sure my friend grew weary and shed many tears during her struggle against a situation that was no fault of hers, but she was always a pillar of strength when we spoke. She was shackled down by her circumstances and never lost her faith and hope. I have admired the courage and strength she displayed while dealing with such an overwhelming situation. She did not become a prisoner of despair and depression.

God gives us the ability to live above our circumstances when we lean on him. I probably would have lost it several times!!! As the story goes for some women, she was victimized by a loved one. In 2002 she met and fell in love with a man attending her church. At the onset he appeared to be the God-sent man of her dreams. We thought the world of him and wished them a happily ever after life together. To make a long story short, he turned out to be her worst nightmare. He was not physically abusive, yet he abused her trust and almost ruined her financial stability.

Prior to getting married, this sister had things in line…she was on her way! She was a single female who was purchasing the home she lived in and prided herself on maintaining a flawless credit score. After she got married, they decided to sell her home and purchase a bigger home in a master-planned community, large enough to live in with a family comfortably. The house they obtained is beautiful and much more expensive than the previous house, but with two seemingly stable incomes affording the mortgage payment was not a problem. In addition, she helped her husband build his dream of operating a non-profit low-income housing complex. Since his credit rating was poor, she willing assisted her husband in getting the loan in her name. After a year or so of being married, she and her husband tried to conceive a child to no avail. A few years later, she learned from a credible source that her ex-husband was sterile and incapable of fathering a child. He was also not faithful in their marriage. In 2005, she divorced this man for his adulterous acts and inherited their debt. Instead, of doing the right thing, he decided to fight for everything that he could get from her. He stopped payments on the mortgages for the housing complex, failed to compensate her from grants received, and attempted to get tax money from her returns. As icing on the cake, he made no attempts to assist her with the mortgage payments on the new home or their other combined debt. He did not give her one cent.

For a time, she struggled to make it, but she kept the faith. This process to get the debt removed took over a year to resolve. My friend would always say, I know God is working it out. Well…after over a year of praying and doing her due diligence, God did it and I stand as a witness. This sister was blessed with a new higher paying job, she is still living in her large home and her debts have been erased. She truly believed in the almighty power of God and became a prisoner of Hope. We, too, must be prisoners of Hope in our challenging situations.

What are you a prisoner of? Someone told me recently, I am a prisoner of my job. Another lady indicated that she was a prisoner to food. Some else was a prisoner to her children. We are all prisoners of something. Instead of being prisoners to despair, depression, addiction, and hopelessness, let’s learn to be prisoners of hope. Our hope and freedom comes from the Lord. We should walk by faith, not by sight, because in the natural, things seem to be overwhelming, yet God is working it out for us. The Lord gives each of us the freewill to make choices. Let’s choose to be prisoners of HOPE.