Leaps of Faith

While sitting on the top of a hillside, looking at the beautiful countryside below, I was torn inside. I thought to myself, how can I be in such a beautiful environment and still feel anxiety? It was because once again, I was at crossroads in my life and I did not know which way to move ahead. One road was conservative, black and white with no shades of gray. It was the path that most would choose because it was safe and widely traveled. This path required no true skill in navigation to get to the end. I have traveled that road so many times before that I can now do it with my eyes closed. The other road—the one I wanted to take—was more challenging with curves, detours and the satisfying aromas of accomplishment at the end of it. This road required vision and skill to navigate through it and the challenge of it all excited me.

The anxiety that I felt is typical when one is faced with an uncertain situation. At times, we don’t know which way to move ahead in life, because we cannot predict how things will turn out. I knew I had two options; but I was having a hard time deciding. I sought guidance from family and friends. I discussed my options openly and the opinions of my advisors varied. They were torn between the two paths themselves. One advisor strongly encouraged me to take the conservative path. Weighing the pros and cons, this person decided that it was the best choice because it was the safest and had minimal risk involved. According to him, people take that road and live with the mediocrity and boredom. They stay on that path and eventually, they safely get to the end of the road. I needed more though. I needed to take a chance.

In the past, I have chosen to take risks in my life because I have resolved in my mind that I am not alone on the path. The Lord has always been with me and He has helped me as I have traveled through the uncertainty of life. Though I know through experience that the Lord is faithful, I must admit that I have still been anxious about this situation I find myself in now. When I think about my past personal triumphs, however, I gain confidence about my future decisions and endeavors. Through my personal experiences, I know that God truly shows up and shows out when you take the journey on the risky roads of life with Him. I have learned that it is when we demonstrate our trust in Him by taking a leap of faith that He blesses us.

As a young adult, I wanted to buy a home. I fasted, prayed and petitioned my Heavenly Father for guidance. It was not easy, but through sacrifice and help from God, I was able to become a homeowner at a relatively young age. Years later, I decided to leave my traditional forty-hour per week, salaried job for the unpredictability of self-employment. People discouraged me from making such a risky move, but I knew the Lord would make a way. As a first-year real estate agent, I earned more money than I did on that “stable” job I left behind.

Having some degree of anxiety when you’re at life’s crossroads is normal; but as Christians, we really should be more confident because we know that we have God on our side. As I approach this next hurdle in my life, I will rely on the knowledge I have gained in the past. With God, I know that anything truly is possible. When we step out on faith, He is faithful and He blesses us.