Attitude is Everything

Two people can have the exact same thing happen to them, yet they deal with and cope with the situation in two totally different ways.  Yes, it’s true.  Just think about it.  Two people lose their jobs—one person is motivated to find a new opportunity, but the other person sinks into the depths of depression.  Two people lose a loved one—one person totally falls apart, while the other person focuses on the gift of having had the deceased person in their life for as long as they did.  Dealing with life’s issues is really all about how you perceive the situation and your attitude about what you are facing.

Recently, a young woman lost a dear friendship of more than 10 years.  She and her friend were extremely close.  They did everything together.  At a point, one of the women started to lose her relationship with God, which led to out of control sin.  Because of the sin and the personality change, her friend decided to let the friendship go.  While she was saddened because of the loss of the friendship, she was not devastated.  She was able to see that the friendship probably was no longer good for her anyway and she felt she was taking a positive step for her own life by removing herself from the situation.  Her attitude changed how she was able to cope with the loss of a dear friend.  When your perspective about a situation changes, so do the reactions you have to the difficulty you are experiencing.

Let’s say that you apply for a job and you are not offered the opportunity.  You can either complain and be distraught or you can say to yourself, “this must not be the job that God wants me to have and He must have something better for me in the near future.”  It’s all about your attitude!

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  That scripture means that you should be mindful that if you are a Christian who is trying to live right, that God is working it all out for your good!  Even when you experience unfortunate situations in your life—just know that God wants what is best for you.

Change the way you look at your life situationsAre you in debt?  Be happy that you had food to eat today.  Are you frustrated in your marriage?  Be glad that you had the opportunity to experience love.  Tired of getting up and going to work everyday?  Be thankful you have a job.  Look at your glass as half-full, rather than half-empty!  When life gives you a lemon—make lemonade!