The Choice is Yours

Life is full of choices. The crazy thing about that statement is that just one decision—good or bad—could change your life for the rest of your life.

I have seen many college students deal with dilemmas as they navigated through their college experience. Which major should I choose? Who should I date? What group of people should hang around? These are all important choices that have the power to redirect one’s path in life.

I live in Houston. Several months ago, our city was captivated by an unbelievable murder case involving a young, smart and beautiful college girl. This 19 year old young lady had been dating a 27 year old man that she met. After dating him for awhile, she realized that he was possessive and tried to break up with him. He refused to accept no for an answer. He killed her, dismembered her body and burned her limbs on a barbeque pit before discarding her remains in a trash dumpster. The choice of who this young woman dated ultimately ended her life. I’m sure that someone told her that the man she was seeing was too old for her or had strange behavior, but she chose to trust him. Regardless of her choices, she did not deserve to die. I’m sure that if she were here today she would tell young college women to carefully choose the men they date.

Another choice college students make is whether or not they persist and actually finish their college degrees. I personally know a few people who had promising college careers, but they dropped out and ended up on the wrong side of the law. This choice changed their lives forever. The decision to leave school had severe life consequences.

When I was in graduate school, I decided that I wanted to finish my last degree at another University. I wanted a different educational experience. Eventhough I had no money, I moved to the East Coast, where I knew no one, to complete my doctoral studies. That move to North Carolina changed my life forever. I gained a better career opportunity, new life-long friends, and a new perspective. If I had not had the courage to make a big life change, I would have missed a blessing. Sometimes, you have to make a courageous choice. You have to be willing to step out on faith. The choice to trust God has the power to impact your life in a very positive way.

As you go through your college experience, try your best to make good decisions. Seek the advice of your Godly friends and family members. Pray and ask God to provide you with the knowledge and wisdom you need to make the right choices in life. If God is guiding you—you will make the right choices in life and you will be blessed!