Introducing Your Friends to Christ

Going to college is first and foremost about getting a good education. Students from around the world descend on the college campus in hopes of beginning to prepare for a successful career and ultimately, a successful life. While the classroom should be the college students’ priority, most students find some time to have fun in college too. Meeting new people and being exposed to new places and things certainly makes the college years some of the best years of one’s life.

While interacting with new people is a chance to enhance one’s enjoyment of the college experience, it is also an opportunity to evangelize and introduce others to a deeper, more connected relationship with the Lord.

Several days ago, I was at a Church revival and a young man who looked as though he was college-age stood up at the conclusion of the sermon and introduced another young man who he had met earlier that day in the barber shop. The two young men had struck up a conversation while getting haircuts and started talking about life matters. One of the young men encouraged the other to come to Church that night and the invitation was accepted.

When the young man who was invited to the Church was introduced to the congregation, you could see the relief on his face. His life had gotten tough and that night, he really needed to feel close to God. He needed to be in the house of the Lord. He needed someone to reach out to him and bring him to God.

You, too, have that kind of power. You have the power to introduce your friends to Christ. Invite them to Church, study the Bible together, and discuss Godly things with them. The college years are tough and some of your friends really need the Lord in their lives. You can be the one who helps them find the relief they need. God is counting on all of his children to be disciples and lead others to Him. While in college, you have an amazing opportunity to accomplish God’s Will and expose people to the mighty Word of God. Doing His Will by reaching out to others makes Him proud and will open the door to blessings in your own life.