Getting Closer to God this Summer

For college students, the month of May is both stressful and relaxing. On one hand, final exams occur in early May and that certainly is a stressor for most people. However, relief comes in mid-May when the semester is over and the summer break begins. Many students have summer responsibilities like an internship, or a job, or summer school. I want to encourage you to include another item on your summer agenda. Spend your summer working towards a stronger relationship with God.

For a moment, I want you to look back at the relationships you have had in your life. Think about your relationships with family members, classmates, friends and co-workers. At a point in time, maybe you had a strong connection with someone in your life, but over time, the bond started to fade. Maybe there was some drama between you and your loved one or acquaintance which caused you to lose your relationship with them. The connection between two human beings is special, but it is also fragile and easily broken.

As you evaluate your relationship with God today, is your connection to Him strong, has it been broken or injured, or is your relationship with Him in the valley because you just haven’t nurtured it in awhile? No matter what state your relationship is with Him now, you have the power to improve upon it. As you end the spring semester and look forward to the summer, make one of your goals to get closer to God.

Spending more time with God has tremendous benefits, you see things more clearly, you begin to understand the real possibilities in your life and how you can reach those goals, and I believe through an improved relationship with Him that He will see you new commitment to Him and bless you in your work. You will approach the fall term with a new attitude and new priorities.

Having spent nearly all of my professional career on the college campus as an administrator and adjunct faculty member, I have discovered something that I think is very significant. What I have noticed in the last 14 years is that the college students who seem to be rooted in the Lord with a strong relationship with Him seem to be those students who are enjoying success in their studies and social lives and they seem to be happy. The students who have ignored their relationship with God and spend most of their time partying and pursuing mischief appear to be and will admit that they are quite simply unhappy, unfocused and confused. You would think that with all that partying and mischief that they would be happy, right? It is just a myth that those worldly activities bring happiness, contentment and joy. Your joy is in the Lord.

Make the commitment this summer to include God in your plans. Spend time with Him, spend time in His House, and spend time with other Christian college students who are trying to do the right things. Work on your relationship with Him this summer, and you will carry the benefits of your personal progress with you into next school year.