Falling in Love With God

As a young person, you might be at the point in your life where you are truly ready to begin a commitment to God. You’ve been to Church, you’ve read about God, you’ve faced situations in your life when you’ve needed his intervention and now you want to strengthen your relationship with Him. In order to have a closer walk with God, you’ve got to love Him, and to love Him, you’ve got to know Him.

On some level, we all are acquainted with God…but knowing Him, truly knowing Him is a life long process. I want to reacquaint you; I want to reintroduce you to the love of God. Through understanding His love for you, your knowledge of who He really is will increase.

In Genesis, we have the opportunity to see the love God has for us as His children. I want you to see him provide. I want you to see how when he created the world, that he had a plan to provide for us. I want you to see that he loved us so much that he gave us all that we would need to survive in the world He created.

The Bible says that in the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. Shortly after He created Earth, He began to prepare an environment especially for His children. He gave us light so that we could see. He created the sun to warm us up. He knew that we would need air to breathe and water to drink. He created the sky and the ocean.

He knew that we needed dry land to walk on and that the land should produce vegetation…seed bearing plants and trees from which we could eat. He wanted us to have apples and grapes. So, the next time you bite into a piece of fruit, you ought to say thank you Lord…and He went further than fruit…he gave us fish to eat and created livestock so that we would not go hungry.

Can’t you just see the love? It’s like he said, “I’m going to give man and woman everything they need—and then when I’ve got everything perfect, when I’ve got everything just right…then and only then will I bring them into this world.” He didn’t bring us into this world until it was perfect. It’s amazing when you think about it.

In the beginning…way back then, a long, long time ago, He provided and He did such a perfect job that what He provided back then is still here for us to enjoy now. We have food, water, air, trees, light, and the beauty of the Earth. We serve an awesome God. He has provided us with all of our basic needs, and He has given us even more. He’s provided us with shelter, transportation, clothes, jobs, money, health, strength, intelligence. God has been the Great Provider for all of us.

For just a moment, I want you to think back to that time when you needed God to provide and somehow, someway, that situation that looked hopeless ended up working out alright. That was God. That was God providing. Knowing the Lord as the Great Provider ought to make you fall in love with Him.

As you seek a closer walk with the Lord, just think for a moment about how much He has given you. Think for a moment how much He loves you. He sent His only Son so that we might have the chance to be saved. It’s never too early to give your life to the Lord. Give Him back some of the love He has shown you and your life and your future will be blessed.