Controlling Our Anger

Some of the most foolish things that a man does are done when he is angry. It’s a fact. Just look at the headlines in the news. When a man’s anger gets out of control—terrible things happen.

In our homes, sometimes our anger at a loved one reaches a boiling point and we say things we shouldn’t say or do things we shouldn’t do. For our brothers who are husbands and fathers, it is especially important that we keep our negative emotions in check because we can do damage to the health and spirit of our household when we fly off the handle.

Anger is a natural emotion. In fact, I would probably be a little concerned if I met a person who never gets angry! Our goal shouldn’t necessarily be to never get angry, rather, our goal should be to effectively deal with that emotion when it suddenly overwhelms us.

In Ephesians 4:26-27, the Bible advises us not to let the sun go down while we are still angry and the Word further cautions us not to give the Devil a foothold. When we don’t resolve our anger quickly we give the Enemy the opportunity to use our anger to get us to commit sin. It’s okay to experience the emotion of anger, but when we do, we must get rid of the emotion quickly and not allow anger to fester and cause us to do something that is against God’s will.

For years, I had heard people describe their anger by using the expression, “I was hot!” I never knew what that meant until one day I got so angry that I actually felt my body temperature rise. I was fuming! Any emotion that can cause physiological changes in your body must be controlled.

When you feel yourself overwhelmed with anger, leave the situation before something foolish happens. Get some air. Blow off some steam by going for a long walk. Take a drive. Go to the gym. When we take a step back from upsetting situations, we gain perspective and can better prepare ourselves to cope with and address the issues we are facing.

Perhaps the best thing we can do when we feel that our anger is getting out of control is to pray and ask God for wisdom, guidance and peace. It is the peace of God that will enable us to make good decisions in our anger; and ultimately, forgive those who we are in conflict with.