The Benefits of Having God in Your Life

Being a young adult can be the most exciting time in one’s life. Freedom — Relationships — Friends — Fun!  Young adulthood is a period of time in which you begin to build a life of your own.  As fun as this time in one’s life can be, it is also often a time in which a person experiences serious difficulties too.  Relationship conflicts — financial problems — identity issues — and general confusion about what to do in life cause some young adults stress and unrest!

Inviting God into your life is the single, most important thing that you can do if you want to experience success and happiness.  It is a relationship with God that can help you become a better person and live a better life.

When people consider making a change in their life, usually they want to know how the change is going to benefit them.  If there is no benefit — there is usually little motivation to alter the way a person is living.  This is also true for those who are considering a relationship with God or desiring to improve upon their relationship with Him.  People want to be sure that making the change to living for Christ will have rewards.  There is good news!  Having a strong connection with the Lord opens the door to a life that truly has no limits to how great it can be.

Everyone that I know wants to have good things happen to them.  In the life of a Christian, we call those good things — blessings!  When God is in your life, you have access to His blessings.  For example, in the book of I Samuel in the Bible, Hannah was a woman who desperately prayed to the Lord and asked Him to bless her with a son.  Hannah was barren and could have no children, but she knew that with the Lord’s help, she could have her heart’s desire!  Hannah was blessed with a son and named him Samuel.  Samuel grew up and went on to be a great servant for God.  Hannah couldn’t accomplish her dream by herself, she knew that she needed the help of the Lord and because she had a relationship with Him, he blessed her and granted her request.  Is there something that you want in your life, but you can’t achieve it alone?  A connection with God can open doors for you that you’ll never be able to open without His help.  He wants you to be blessed!  He wants you to have a relationship with Him.

Often times the thing that people want most in their life is peace.  Because life can be so chaotic, hectic and filled with problems, sometimes, people just want some relief.  Having God in your life can give you a peace which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7).  Truly knowing God can help you gain the faith you need to know that everything is going to be alright — even when problems seem to dominate your existence.  When you truly know God and have faith in Him, you gain a sense of peace that cannot be taken away from you.

Finally, and most importantly, knowing God and His Word, obeying the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living a Christian life leads to your salvation!  We all want to get to Heaven, don’t we?  In Mark 16:16, the Bible says that, “whoever believes and is baptized will be saved”.  In order to believe, you must know what and who you believe in.  This knowledge of God and His Word comes through seeking a stronger connection to Him.  Your participation in this website is a good start and it is my hope that you will continue to seek the Lord through further study of His Word, prayer and attendance at a Church that through your study of the Bible you feel you can best grow, develop and nurture your soul.