Rushing Towards Parenthood

The recent news that Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin’s seventeen year old daughter is pregnant has brought national attention to the issues of premarital sex and unplanned pregnancies. For college students, this is a most important issue. Premarital sexual activity is rampant on the college campus and the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy looms for those who indulge in this behavior.

Recently, I had the opportunity to serve as moderator for a discussion about the issue of teenage pregnancy. While I thought about the issue before, I never realized the intense pain that it causes young people, their parents and loved ones. Young people feel overwhelmed—their parents blame themselves and feel that there was something they didn’t do or didn’t say—loved ones are shocked. The young people involved in the unplanned pregnancy aren’t the only ones who shed tears.

Biblically unsanctioned sexual behavior has a multitude of negative effects and consequences for the people who engage in it and for their families, loved ones—and of course for the child that is to be born into this world under difficult circumstances.

For both young men and young women, becoming a parent before one’s time is an unfortunate occurrence. It changes the course of one’s life for the rest of one’s life. The Bible tells us that the body is the temple of God. Therefore, we should treat our bodies as though they are sacred. We should honor and respect our bodies. Given the lure of sexual temptation, this can be challenging, but God has given us the power and free will to control these desires and choose what is right in His sight.

Sex is a great gift from God. It is pleasurable and the Lord intends for us to enjoy it within the confines of marriage between a man and a woman. Don’t rush your life. Don’t become a parent before your time. Don’t hurt yourself, your family, your loved ones and God by carelessly making a choice that could negatively impact your life for years to come. One day, when you are blessed with a mate and are joined with them in marriage, you can experience God’s great gift without the guilt, shame and risks. One day, you can experience the joys of parenthood—at a time that is appropriate and right for your life.

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