An athlete.  A politician.  A minister.  Public figures who recently were all caught in the sin of adultery.  While we have uncovered the sins of well-known men, how about the guys who we come across everyday?  How many of them—or even more close to home—how many of us are dealing with the lure of this particular sin?

In James 2:10, the Bible tells us that if we violate one part of God’s law that we, in effect, violate His whole law.  Many people interpret that scripture to believe that all sins are equally bad.  When it comes to adultery, however, it just feels as though it is one of the more serious sins (although all sin is serious).  Maybe adultery feels so objectionable because it destroys people and destroys their marriage and family.  Maybe adultery causes Christians such fear because the Bible speaks so forcefully against it and then details its’ consequences so vividly.  Proverbs 2: 16-19 warns us that wisdom will save us from the crafty adulteress.  The Word further states that her house leads down to death and that none who go to her return or attain the paths of life.  Wow!  That’s some kind of warning, isn’t it?  It should be enough to make anybody contemplating adultery think two or three times before indulging.

As men who are trying our best to live for God, we must try very hard to avoid situations that could make us more susceptible to adultery.  Prolonged sexual, physical or emotional distance from our wives, inappropriate relationships with other women, unresolved marital issues or spending too much time with worldly friends who are bad influences are all things that can make us more vulnerable to committing adultery.

Disappointing the Lord… enduring grave consequences… devastating your wife… hurting your children and risking your place in Heaven are all part of the aftermath of adultery.  Men—let’s be smarter than that.  Uphold the commitment you made in the presence of God.  When there are problems in your marriage, work on them.  Seek help if necessary.  Don’t allow the devil to get a foothold on you or your family.