A New Beginning

The beginning of a new school year is often a time for setting new goals. When I was in school, one of my recurring goals was to do better academically than I did the previous semester! Sometimes, I achieved my goal, sometimes I didn’t—but it did feel good to at least shoot for something.

As you look forward to this semester, put your goals in writing. What is it that you want to achieve—good grades, better grades, exercising more, involvement in student organizations, attending Church services regularly? Whatever it is that you want, all that you desire for your life is attainable through a deeper, more connected relationship with the Lord.

In the Word of God, the character of Nehemiah was a man who had a big goal that he wanted to accomplish. His mission was to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem which had been destroyed by enemies of the country. This was a monumental task! To the average human being, what Nehemiah wanted to achieve was almost impossible. Fortunately, Nehemiah had God on His side. He asked the Lord for favor and for help and his requests were granted. I want you to notice that what Nehemiah wanted to achieve was something that pleased God. Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem was a noble goal.

Make sure that the goals you set for yourself are things that are pleasing to God. For the Bible says in I John 5:14-15 that if we ask anything according to His will that He hears us and if He hears us then we know we have what we have asked Him for. That’s great news! To achieve our goals, we need God on our side and we need to get to work. You can not expect better grades if you don’t study hard. You can’t expect to be physically fit if you don’t work out. Ask God for His help and then do what you can to help yourself.

Nehemiah faced many obstacles in reaching his goal—but with the help of the Almighty God and a group of dedicated men, he achieved that which many thought would be unachievable. You, too, will face adversity on the way to what you want in life, but hang in there. For nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1: 37). Or in other words, no matter how difficult the task, with God on your side, you can not lose!